2016: My Year in $avings

635845200979031950-1693487873_2016yayHappy 2016! I really cannot believe it’s here already. 2015 was a big year for me -graduating college, moving into my own apartment, starting a new job, starting to pay bills – doing everything real adult humans do. Now that I’ve been doing this for a few months now, things are starting to fall into place and become routine. But a new year brings new resolutions and changes, and I am no exception.

Honestly, I’ve never been good at keeping (or making) resolutions. I’ll say, “I’m going to eat healthy” or “I’ll start working out more” but that never happens. I either forget or give up quickly. I mean, a girl needs her cheeseburger and fries! For me, there needs to be an end goal that is tangible. Last year, I made my new years resolution to graduate college and get a job. Check and check. Tangible goals.

While scrolling through Buzzfeed the other day, I came across the article 14 Little Tricks to Help You Actually Save Cash in 2016. Number 5 caught my eye. It says to put increasing or decreasing amounts of money into a piggy bank every week. I thought this would be the perfect resolution for 2016. I’m calling 2016 “My Year in $avings.”

This is how it works: every week of the year that it is, you put that money amount into a box and out of sight. For example, the first week of the new year is week 1, so you put $1 in the box. The second week, you put in $2, and so on. I decided to work backwards, so I’m starting at 52 (for 52 weeks in the year) and working my way down. That way, if I give up quickly, I’ll have some money saved up instead of a few dollars.

$52 in the box!

To start, I made a box, because if I’m going to do this, I’m going all out. I decorated an old Sephora box (I knew I saved it for a reason) with construction paper and crayons. I also wrote the numbers 1-52 on the side to keep track of my money schedule. I’ll cross out each amount as I put it in the box to keep track.

For those who know me, saving money is not my forte. I’m really good at spending money. When I get stressed about not having money, I spend money to make myself feel better. (I’m really good at retail therapy.) It’s also hard to save money when you’re just starting out and paying for everything yourself. This is why this money saving project is perfect for me. By physically putting money away, I know I’m saving money and by the end of the year, I’ll see the results of my savings. Ka-ching!

*Fingers crossed I actually go through with this!*


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