DIY: Melted Crayon Pumpkin

IMG_7570One of my favorite people in the world is my baby sister, Sadie. She’ll be 6 next month, and is at the perfect age to play and do fun activities with. When I came across the melted crayon pumpkin arts and crafts activity, I knew I had to do it with her. Partially, I just wanted an excuse to do it myself, but I knew she would love it as well. As someone who doesn’t really have an artistic bone in her body (Sadie has many), I was initially concerned about how it would be. But it turned out to be super easy, a lot of fun, and as arts and crafts should be, a little messy!

The melted crayon pumpkin activity is an easy DIY project that is perfect for fall decorations. It is a low-cost project since you probably have most of the materials already in your house. The best part about it: you can’t mess up. The drippier, messier the pumpkin is, the better it looks. It is perfect as a Sunday Funday activity.

To do this project, you only need 4 things:

  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • A pumpkin  – real or fake, orange or white (I used a white, fake pumpkin)
  • A hairdryer
  • Recommended: cardboard, paper, or newspaper to put under the pumpkin

Here’s how you do it:IMG_7567

  1. Collect the crayons you want in any colors, usually around 12-14. Take the paper wrappers off of them.
  2. Break the crayons in half.
  3. Glue the crayons on the top of the pumpkin, and wait for it to dry (I used regular Elmer’s glue).
  4. Once the crayons have dried, use a blow dryer to melt the crayons. You can also use the blow dryer to control where the wax melts by pointing it into the direction you want.

A little disclaimer: give the crayons time to melt. It was taking a while at first, but all of the sudden, they all melted around the same time.


Have you tried this activity? Have any others that you tried and liked? Share below in the comments, and share your pictures on Twitter and Instagram and tag @TwentyTooBlog. I can’t wait to see! Happy crafting!


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