My #FallSyllabus with Warby Parker

Top Left: Everett; Bottom Left: Lowry; Middle: Thatcher; Top Right: Jennings; Bottom Right: Reilly

In my last post, I wrote all about the great company of Warby Parker. This weekend, I finally got to put my Home Try On glasses to the test. I had a big fall weekend planned, and I needed these sunglasses to get me through it, and they did.

This past weekend was a great one filled with friends, fun, and great fall weather. I finally went back to UMass Amherst as an alumni for Homecoming Weekend. I knew I had a busy weekend planned. There were tailgates to go to, football games to be played, and a lot of catching up and laughing with my past roommates and best friends. And, I knew I had to show off my sunglasses from the Home Try On program throughout the weekend.

Thatcher glasses in Whiskey Tortoise
Thatcher glasses in Whiskey Tortoise

The first activity: the tailgate. On Saturday, I chose to wear the Thatcher glasses in Whiskey Tortoise color. They were sturdy, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. Sometimes glasses can hurt behind your ears when you wear them for a long time, but this wasn’t the case. I wore them all day with no problems. They matched perfectly with my maroon and white UMass attire. These glasses were perfect for a casual daytime activity, but I know they would look great out and about on the town. I would definitely recommend these glasses, especially in this color.

One of the best parts about UMass (besides all my friends), is the beautiful foliage in the fall. Amherst is located in Western Massachusetts surrounded by mountains, apple orchards, and open fields. In the center of town, there are parks filled with trees with red, yellow, orange and green leaves. I wanted to have some fun with these glasses so I decided to have a photoshoot. What better way to show off the glasses than surrounded by the pretty leaves? (I would also like to take this moment to thank my great boyfriend for putting up with me during the photoshoot. You were a great sport and as always, the best!)

Lowry glasses in Green Citrine

For my photo shoot, I decided to use the Lowry and Reilly glasses. First up: Lowry.

The Lowry glasses I had were in the Green Citrine color. I liked these glasses as well. The color was different than the others I got and it gave the ordinary frames an extra touch. Again, they were comfortable and sturdy, but they were a little big for my face. I had a lot of fun strutting around the park in these glasses pretending I was a model.

I saved my favorite glasses for last: Reilly in Sparrow Grey. These glasses made me feel great! The frames were big but not too big, comfortable, durable, and girly. I loved the grey color – they were perfect for fall. (I’m also a little bias because I’m really into grey colors currently. You should see my room.) Out of the five glasses I received in the Home Try On and the three I wore throughout the weekend, these were my favorite. Warby Parker, please don’t make me send them back! Let me keep the Reilly’s please!

Reilly in Sparrow Grey
Reilly in Sparrow Grey

Have you tried Warby Parker’s Home Try On program? Give it a try at no cost to you! Get 5 glasses for 5 days, take pictures of yourself (and have a fun photoshoot like me!) and tag your pictures using the hashtag #HomeTryOn and #FallSyllabus. Be sure to tag @WarbyParker and @TwentyTooBlog so we can see, and you can see my pictures as well!

I can’t wait to see the pictures!


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