DIY: Melted Crayon Pumpkin

IMG_7570One of my favorite people in the world is my baby sister, Sadie. She’ll be 6 next month, and is at the perfect age to play and do fun activities with. When I came across the melted crayon pumpkin arts and crafts activity, I knew I had to do it with her. Partially, I just wanted an excuse to do it myself, but I knew she would love it as well. As someone who doesn’t really have an artistic bone in her body (Sadie has many), I was initially concerned about how it would be. But it turned out to be super easy, a lot of fun, and as arts and crafts should be, a little messy!

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My #FallSyllabus with Warby Parker

Top Left: Everett; Bottom Left: Lowry; Middle: Thatcher; Top Right: Jennings; Bottom Right: Reilly

In my last post, I wrote all about the great company of Warby Parker. This weekend, I finally got to put my Home Try On glasses to the test. I had a big fall weekend planned, and I needed these sunglasses to get me through it, and they did.
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Warby Parker #FallSyllabus

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.22.15 PMI love shopping, but one of the hardest things to shop for are sunglasses. With so many to choose from – different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles – you can spend hours trying on pairs until you find the perfect one for you. Who knew that Warby Parker could make finding a great pair so easy! With their #HomeTryOn program and great selection of both eyeglasses and sunglasses, Warby Parker makes shopping effortless.

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Moving Out, Moving On

I’ve never been good at change. I didn’t like it when my mom get new curtains in our living room, or when we got new glasses for our kitchen. So when big changes happen, you can say I’m not the biggest fan. When I found out the house I grew up in sold and a new family was moving in, I was in denial. Another change was coming and I was not happy about it. Continue reading

New Month, (Some) New Thoughts

I know I’m 4 days late, but happy October! Although October isn’t my favorite month (I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, sorry all you super fans), it is the beginning of things I do love: boots, sweaters, hot coffee, seasonal vegetables, apple picking, apple pie… I could go on and on. With a new month and a new season, I was thinking about some things to help guide me through the rest of the month. So here for everyone to see: my goals and thoughts of October. Enjoy. Continue reading