My Last Days of My Fake Life

After 18 long years, I have finally finished my education! How crazy!!

Would I ever thought this day would come? No. Am I excited to be done with school and homework and essays and exams? Yes. That being said, I have only a few more days before graduation and I plan on savoring every single minute of my fake life.

My days have involved sleeping, drinking, eating, tons of movies and of course, hanging out with the best roommates I could have ever asked for. I can’t believe we only have a few more days to live in our house together! Soon, we will all be moving on with our lives and pursuing different careers in different parts of the country.  Most are staying in the Boston area, while one is going home back to New Jersey and another is moving to Chicago. It makes me so sad! But I’m so excited for their adventures and can’t wait to visit them!

Until Friday, I will enjoy the last days of my fake life.  The next post will be from an official college graduate! AHH!


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