April Fools!

Happy April! The beginning of April means spring and warmer weather. I am so ready for the sun to shine, the flowers to start blooming and to wear all my cute clothes again. Before all that can happen, we have to make it through the dreadful day that is the first of April – April Fool’s Day.

I didn’t know a lot about April Fool’s Day, so I decided to consult the most reliable website, aka Wikipedia.  April Fool’s Day, though not a national holiday, is celebrated in the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Australia. It has been popular since the early 19th Century but it does have origins that go back hundreds of decades.  An early reference to April Fool’s is in the novel Canterbury Tales (1392) when a line was misinterpreted of the character of Chauntecleer getting tricked by a fox on this day. Another reference came in 1508 by the French poet Eloy d’Amerval who referenced April 1st as “April fish.” In 1698, many British were tricked into going to the Tower of London to see “the Lions washed.” There you go.

Some fun facts about April Fool’s Day:

In Britain, you are only supposed to play tricks on a person before noon. Any person who continues to play tricks on someone else is then considered the fool.

In Ireland, you are supposed to give someone an “important letter.” That person opens the letter then takes it and keeps passing it on from one person to the next. This “letter” has the words “pass the fool further” written in it. (I like this one!)

In Italy, Belgium, France and some other French speaking areas, there is a tradition of trying to stick a picture of a fish to someone’s back without them noticing. This tradition comes from the French poet! Pretty cool!

One time, my mom sent me to school with a sandwich and instead of cheese was a piece of paper. When I came home, she asked me if something was wrong with my sandwich. I told her no, I ate it all. She told me what she had done but I had eaten the piece of paper unknowingly. #AprilFail.

Now for the fun part: the pranks. Of course, I consulted Pinterest. These are the best and easiest ones I found:

  • Using a sharpie, draw a spider on toilet paper.
  • Instead of caramel apples, use onions. Ew.
  • Put vanilla pudding in a mayo jar. Eat it.
  • Put blue gatorade in a windex bottle and drink it. Guaranteed to freak some people out.
  • Get these moldy sandwich bags and make someone a sandwich.
  • The typical “fill lots of tiny cups with water and put them in a room so no one can move” prank.
  • My personal favorite: hack into someone’s phone – Setting -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. Change a phrase they use a lot, like “hey” to auto correct to something outrageous. Witness them freak out. Enjoy.

Happy April Fool’s Day! If you play any jokes on anyone, I would love to hear! Did they freak out? Were they amused? Let me know!


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