One of Those College Days

Do you ever have one of those days that you never want to end? Instead of being a day for me, I wanted this past weekend to never end. Perfect weather, perfect friends and a perfect way to start to wrap up my college life.

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Cue Mental Breakdown

You know when you have so much going on it causes you to have a full blown panic attack that you decide to take a nap and even that doesn’t work to calm you down? Well that happened. Let me tell you about it.

Warning: I intend to be extremely dramatic.

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April Fools!

Happy April! The beginning of April means spring and warmer weather. I am so ready for the sun to shine, the flowers to start blooming and to wear all my cute clothes again. Before all that can happen, we have to make it through the dreadful day that is the first of April – April Fool’s Day.

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