Blarney! Our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration


Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day! This past weekend was our annual Blarney Blowout school wide St. Patrick’s Day party! Because St. Patrick’s Day involves a lot of green, (usually) drinking and celebrating (even if you aren’t Irish like me), going all out for the festivities is always the way to go. Since my recent post about the birthday cake shots was so popular, I searched long and hard to find a festive and easy St. Patrick’s Day craft to share. And I found the perfect ones: shamrock Jell-O shots.

A little disclaimer: I have never made Jell-O shots before and it was not a problem! So if it is your first time, don’t be scared!

Like the birthday cake shots, these were super easy to make!

Here’s what you need:

Packs of Jell-O; Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

Here’s How: 

1. Buy packs of green Jell-O. I bought 3 packs of lime flavored Jell-O and it was more than enough for around 20 or so people. Follow the instructions on the pack to boil the water and then stir in the Jell-O.

2. After the Jell-O has been boiled, instead of adding water like it says, add any flavored vodka! I used a ratio of 1 cup of vodka for one pack of Jell-O. So for 3 packs of Jell-O, 3 cups of vodka. I used original flavored SKYY Vodka for two and a half of it (I finished the bottle) and half a cup of Rubinoff Citrus flavored. It made for a great combo but use what you like!

3. Pour into a large baking sheet and let it cool in the refrigerator for a few hours or over night.IMG_6756

4. When it is cool, take your heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out three heart shapes. Place one facing to the left, one straight up and one to the right. Ta-Da! You have a clover! And each little heart makes it super easy to pop in your mouth!

(The recipe that I followed said to use green gummy worms for the stems but I thought they could do without. They were cute on their own!)


We really got into the spirit and made green mimosas (just a drop of green food coloring in the drinks) and made green colored pancakes with beer. Get creative with St. Patrick’s Day! It’s always a fun holiday to celebrate whether you go to a parade or just hang out with friends.

Remember to drink responsibly!



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