Oh, The Struggle

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.57.31 PM

Can you believe this? This is how close I am to being a college graduate. This is so scary. But also so exciting. With being so close to the end of my time in college (ew), there is still one thing I struggle with that I think other people in my position can relate to: which is more important – school or applying for jobs?

Oh, the struggle. I don’t know what to give more attention to!

Part of me knows my GPA is important so I need to focus on my school work. But another part of me is like, well, you’re a second semester senior. Go have some fun. How much effort should I still be putting into school?

The other part of me knows I should be applying to as many jobs as possible. The problem: it’s hard process. Wanting to be in the Public Relations industry is super competitive and many places are only hiring interns and not full timers. I look for a little bit, then get frustrated. Not to mention perfecting my resume and cover letter is hard! How much effort should I be putting into applying for jobs?

What should I be putting more effort into? Help a Twenty Too girl out! Any advice is welcome!


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