Birthday Celebration

Tomorrow (February 23) is one of my roommate’s 22nd birthday and we knew we had to do something important and special to celebrate her birthday. Thursdays are our favorite night to go out because after a long, stressful week, we all can’t wait to hang out, get dressed up, listen to some fun music and have a great time. We decided the Thursday night before her birthday would be the day we celebrated.

Aren’t they pretty?

Pinterest is awesome. Anything you could ever want is on there. Pinterest is where one of my roommates found the recipe for birthday cake shots so we knew we had to make them.

And they were so easy to make! What was harder was finding all the ingredients to make them! We used Three Olives Cake vodka, chocolate liqueur and half and half. We also used vanilla icing and sprinkles. However, the key to making these was using plastic shot glasses as it makes for a much easier clean up.

How to make them:

1.  Put icing all over the rims of the shot glasses and then swirl the icing on the shot glasses into the sprinkles. Some of the shot glasses had a lot of icing on them and others didn’t, so put as much or little as you want.

2. To make the actual shots, there is no real measurements of combining the three liquids so we just kept dumping it into a bowl until it tasted good. After a few tries and a few ice cubes, it tasted great!

3. Pour the vodka mix into the shot glasses and enjoy!

See? Super Easy! A cute, fun and thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday! They were a hit with all eight of my roommates as well as everyone else we had over to try them!


Do you have any fun ways to celebrate birthdays? Special drinks you like to make? Let me know! I would love to try!


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