S(no)w Days

Remember when we were little and all you ever wished for was a snow day? It was a mini-vacation in the middle of the week where you hang out with friends, go sledding, watch TV and do everything but go to school.

Snow days in college are different. When I got the text this morning that school was cancelled today, at first I was ecstatic! YAY! Another day where I can just relax! However, that quickly changed when I remembered all the things I had to do. Apply to jobs, study for an exam this week, catch up on homework I “forgot” to do, the usual. Since when did snow days become “catch up on life” days?

Now, I shouldn’t complain. Snow days are still great at college and when ever again will I have them with little to no responsibilities? You can watch movies with your housemates all day, have a glass of wine (or two) around noon, and eat an absurd amount of food and not feel guilty because it’s technically a “weekend.”

Help me.

Except today isn’t that day. As I look out the window and see the beautiful snow falling outside, I am only reminded that I’m going to have to shovel out my car for the fourth time in three weeks, going to have to walk to campus tomorrow in two feet of snow, and did I mention how cold it is outside? I am saying s(no)w days. Why aren’t there days in the summer where it is too hot so we are forced to leave work and spend a day at the beach? Summer is discriminated against.

For everyone else, enjoy your snow day. I’ll be here pretending I have nothing to do. Only Ryan Gosling will make me happy today and forget about the blizzard going on outside.

Thanks, Ryan.

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