Originally, I was planning on writing a post on how I went home for the night on Thursday. It was going to be about how nice it is to go home – a home cooked meal waiting for you, sleeping in your own bed, how you get treated like a princess by your mom because she hasn’t seen you in a few weeks and she loves you, etc. But no. It completely changed when after about a half hour of being home, I heard the dreaded words that would change my night…

Tax-Form“Dara, today’s the day you are going to learn how to file taxes.” Umm, excuse me?

Fun fact about me: I’m bad at numbers. Terrible, in fact. I need a calculator for everything, even basic arithmetic. Something just never clicked in 7th grade and it has been downhill from there. The only thing I understand is when I spend money, the numbers in my bank account go down (sadly).

This is basically what I looked like.

I sat down in front of the computer with the tax form next to me and the screen in front of me. I honestly didn’t even know where to start. So many numbers and places to put them! (Did I mention I’m really bad at numbers?) Social security? Medicare? Taxes and numbers are basically a foreign language to me.

By some sort of miracle, I put all the numbers in the right place! I thought I was done, but no. There are so many other questions to answer!  Health care? Student loans? Now I know why people send out their taxes for others to do. It takes a long time and no offense to taxes, it is pretty painful to do. (IRS don’t hate me!)

Moral of the story: this is a real world thing I am going to have to do for the rest of my life.  I realized that this is the beginning on my real life. I have to learn sometime. Sometimes it’s not so fun to grow up.

The only silver lining of doing taxes will be the refund come April. Ka-ching!

Have you ever filed your own taxes? Was it totally confusing for you too? Let me know!

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