Bachelor Mondays

While many argue that Mondays are the worst day of the week, my housemates and I look forward to Mondays for one reason only: The Bachelor.

As many of you probably already know, this year’s Bachelor is farmer Chris Soules who was a favorite of mine last season. When Andi sent him home in the Final Three last year, part of me was relieved because 1.) I didn’t want his heart to get broken if she didn’t want to be with him and 2.)  I had a feeling he would be the next Bachelor. I’m so glad he is on this season and so far, this round of the Bachelor has not failed to disappoint. Talk about a cast of crazy and caddy girls!


The best part of The Bachelor is how all nine of us in the house gather around our TV in the living room and watch together. We all have our glasses of wine, make kale chips and popcorn. It is true –  sometimes we make drinking games out of the show (it is too hard not to)! With the repetition of the words “fairytale” and “amazing” and almost all of the girls crying each episode, it makes for a fun night.

More than anything though, The Bachelor is a bonding time for all of us. For those two hours on a Monday night, we all come together, laugh, make fun of, and enjoy a nice break from all outside stresses going on.

It is nights like this with all my housemates that I am going to miss. Nights like this is exactly what being a twenty-something girl is all about.

I mean, when else am I going to look forward to Mondays?


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