Super Bowl Sunday Funday

WOW! Can you believe that game? Unreal!! As the self-proclaimed Number 1 Tom Brady fan, a HUGE congratulations to my New England Patriots on their well-deserved Super Bowl win! Cue the duckboats!


Aside from the incredible game (that caused me much more anxiety than I ever want to experience again), the best part of the night was the food. Living in a house with eight other girls means there was no shortage of food. We each decided to contribute a dish so you can imagine that we had so much food! From wings to fries, guacamole and chips, chili dip to taco cupcakes, we did not go hungry. Food, drinks and a Patriots win… a perfect Super Bowl Sunday.

Onto more important matters… the Halftime Show and the commercials.

The commercials: is it just me, or were the commercials really depressing this year? The Super Bowl is known for its reveal of new commercials that are funny and creative. This year, I didn’t see any! Most were depressing, sad and overall, not impressive. I expect more from advertisers who pay $4.5 million to have a 30 second slot! If I had to pick, my favorite was the “Like A Girl” commercial which you can watch here! #GirlPower

Now for the Katy Perry Halftime Show. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan although her songs are very catchy. However, I thought her special effects were amazing, she had a lot of energy and when she flew away during “Firework” that was great. More than Katy Perry though, I thought Missy Elliot was so entertaining – bringing me back to my middle school days!  She played songs that I had long forgotten about but really enjoy. Katy dancing next to Missy was funny too! And shout out to Lenny Kravitz for doing his thing. Overall, 7/10. But can I just say, Beyonce should the Halftime Show every year.

What did you think of the game? Were you happy with the outcome? What about the commercials? The Halftime Show? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! I look forward to reading them.


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday Funday

  1. “brings you back to your middle school days….” that made me laugh! I loved the half time show & I loved the outcome. I also thought the ads were depressing!

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