Birthday Celebration

Tomorrow (February 23) is one of my roommate’s 22nd birthday and we knew we had to do something important and special to celebrate her birthday. Thursdays are our favorite night to go out because after a long, stressful week, we all can’t wait to hang out, get dressed up, listen to some fun music and have a great time. We decided the Thursday night before her birthday would be the day we celebrated.

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Cooking Attempt: Take 1

Living in a house gives me the opportunity to really feel like I’m living on my own. One of the best parts about it is the kitchen and how I can learn to cook my own food. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and not always buy junk food (except for Goldfish which are my absolute favorite) so I try to make dinners more interesting. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they aren’t.

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Galentine’s Day

IMG_6623While most people are out celebrating their love with their significant others, I am sitting in my room, watching No Strings Attached in my snuggie, cuddled my stuffed snowman named Frosty who is really my bae, with a candle called Fresh Cut Roses lit.

While this is not the ideal way for me to spend Valentine’s Day as my boyfriend is in Missouri, I can’t totally complain. I spent last night and today with my housemates who decided to stay at school for the weekend.  (There are usually nine of us in the house, this weekend, there are four.) Instead of Valentine’s Day, it’s Galentine’s Day because who is better than your gals?

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That Time I Built a Desk…

With a new start of a semester, I decided I needed a new room set up. You know, better room vibes and maybe a place to actually do homework in. So I set out to find a desk, a small set of drawers and anything else I could find to make my room more me.

                      What is all this

After many hours of wandering around Target and buying too many unnecessary things, I found a desk, a chalk board to hang on the wall, a 2-drawer dresser, different size mirrors and candle holders for the wall. Now came the hard part: putting it all together. Help!

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S(no)w Days

Remember when we were little and all you ever wished for was a snow day? It was a mini-vacation in the middle of the week where you hang out with friends, go sledding, watch TV and do everything but go to school.

Snow days in college are different. When I got the text this morning that school was cancelled today, at first I was ecstatic! YAY! Another day where I can just relax! However, that quickly changed when I remembered all the things I had to do. Apply to jobs, study for an exam this week, catch up on homework I “forgot” to do, the usual. Since when did snow days become “catch up on life” days?

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Originally, I was planning on writing a post on how I went home for the night on Thursday. It was going to be about how nice it is to go home – a home cooked meal waiting for you, sleeping in your own bed, how you get treated like a princess by your mom because she hasn’t seen you in a few weeks and she loves you, etc. But no. It completely changed when after about a half hour of being home, I heard the dreaded words that would change my night…

Tax-Form“Dara, today’s the day you are going to learn how to file taxes.” Umm, excuse me?

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Bachelor Mondays

While many argue that Mondays are the worst day of the week, my housemates and I look forward to Mondays for one reason only: The Bachelor.

As many of you probably already know, this year’s Bachelor is farmer Chris Soules who was a favorite of mine last season. When Andi sent him home in the Final Three last year, part of me was relieved because 1.) I didn’t want his heart to get broken if she didn’t want to be with him and 2.)  I had a feeling he would be the next Bachelor. I’m so glad he is on this season and so far, this round of the Bachelor has not failed to disappoint. Talk about a cast of crazy and caddy girls!

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Super Bowl Sunday Funday

WOW! Can you believe that game? Unreal!! As the self-proclaimed Number 1 Tom Brady fan, a HUGE congratulations to my New England Patriots on their well-deserved Super Bowl win! Cue the duckboats!


Aside from the incredible game (that caused me much more anxiety than I ever want to experience again), the best part of the night was the food. Living in a house with eight other girls means there was no shortage of food. We each decided to contribute a dish so you can imagine that we had so much food! From wings to fries, guacamole and chips, chili dip to taco cupcakes, we did not go hungry. Food, drinks and a Patriots win… a perfect Super Bowl Sunday.

Onto more important matters… the Halftime Show and the commercials.

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